What is AdScale E-Commerce?

AdScale is a powerful Machine Learning app that handles every aspect of your paid marketing campaigns. All advertising facilitated with AdScale is fully automated, from creating campaigns to optimizing conversions and reducing advertising costs.

AdScale: Main Features

Campaign Creation

Automatically creates professional advertising campaigns on Google Search, Google Shopping and Remarketing. No marketing skills required.

24/7 Optimization

Automatically improves advertising campaign performance with cutting-edge machine learning technology.

Automated Shop Sync

AdScale will automatically update campaigns according to product changes in availability, price, addition, or removal.

Data Collection

First, our system analyzes your store data, such as order history, product information, customers etc…


Then, using our database of 40,000 users, our system analyzes your store data and combines it with similar stores and product types. This enables our system to create a tailored made advertising mix for your campaigns.

Campaign Creation

Using the analysis results, targeted advertising campaigns are created for your store. The best mix of products & collections are chosen, targeting specific and relevant audiences while also allocating budgets to the most suitable advertising channels. All of this to generate the largest number of sales within your current advertising budget.


After campaigns are live and running, the system constantly reviews & optimizes their performance. It learns to work specifically for your store, and accordingly takes actions to change bids and budgets, add or remove ads, adjust audience targeting and product mix, and much more…

AdScale’s pricing structure ensures the following:

  1. One plan with simple pricing, that includes all app features.
  2. Full transparency and control of your advertising budget.

The pricing plan separates app fees from advertising costs.

App fees

You’ll only pay us if you sell!
App fees are given as a percentage of the revenue we bring you, pricing is not final but will be ranging from 0,5% to 5% of total sales depending on the volume:

Advertising Costs

You only pay us for the app fee while the advertising costs are billed directly by Google & Facebook upon reaching their billing threshold.

The advertising costs are updated daily in the app and can be freely adjusted. For example, you can set a daily budget limit of $10 and our app will work accordingly. Due to demand though, daily budgets can increase up to 200%, but this will always be balanced to assure you remain within your monthly budget while maximizing market opportunities.

When am I charged?

Google Ads:  On the first day of each month, or once you reach the first threshold (usually $500).

Facebook Ads:  On the first day of each month, or once you reach the first threshold (usually $25).

AdScale fees: Every 30 days.

100% Automation

From campaign creation to 24/7 optimization and live product synchronization, AdScale does the job for you!

Real-Time Bid & Budget Management

Analyzing data in real-time and adjusts bids to take advantage of inter-day opportunities.

Automated Creation of New Keywords

Automatically adds new keywords to your campaigns to improve performance and expand reach.

Automated Creation of Negative Keywords

Poorly performing positive keywords are paused and added as negatives as well.

Automated sync of your shop and products

AdScale will automatically update campaigns according to product changes in availability, price, addition/removal.

Automated Pixels Installation

Automated installation and setup of conversion tracking and remarketing pixels in your shop.

Click Fraud Prevention

Protection from fraudulent clicks and envious competitors who wish to outclick your budget.

Performance Dashboards

Monitor the performance of your campaigns at any time with an intuitive and clear dashboard.

Full control of your advertising budget

You decide how much you want to spend every month for your marketing campaigns.

So you completed AdScale installation, edited your campaigns, waited for a few days, and didn’t received any traffic from AdScale campaigns?

This might happen due to several reasons, some may be related to your store and some may be related to the actual advertising campaigns.

Below are the best practices that can help bringing your first traffic with your advertising campaigns.

Adding Keywords to your Homepage Ad Template

Sometimes Adscale can’t generate enough relevant keywords or search terms that will generate traffic in the Google Search campaigns. That usually happen due to lack or unorganized content on the website that can’t be collected and used to generate relevant search terms.

The solution for that is that you’ll add your own keywords in the Homepage Template. Those keywords will be added to your Google Search campaigns on AdScale and thus will enable our system to start generating traffic from your selected keywords as well as helping our system to ‘aim’ better for relevant search terms.

You can add your keywords by going to Campaigns > Main Campaign > Homepage > Keywords

Fulfill Google Shopping guidelines

Google Shopping is by far the best advertising channel for Ecommerce stores and usually brings most of the traffic. That been said, It takes Google 3-5 business days to approve every Shopping campaign. The reason is that Google is reviewing your store to make sure it meets the basic guidelines of content that is required in every Ecommerce store. For example, Google requires each store to have a return policy page in order to approve your Google Shopping campaign.

Therefore, making sure your store meets all of Google’s guidelines is crucial to the success of your advertising campaigns.

The link below contains the list of Google Shopping Requirements to approve Google Shopping campaigns. Please make sure your store meets all guidelines and in case not, fix them on your store.