Wondering were to advertise?

Google Ads, Shopping, Youtube, Display,
or Bing, Facebook and Instagram?

Or all of them simultaneously?

Our all new, plug-and-play version of AdScale for E-commerce will decide for you.
Based on solid data, Artificial Intelligence and best practices we can automatically serve budget to all of these platforms up to campaign level.

AdScale will find out when to serve (128 slots per month) budget to each campaign or ad set and will save you huge amounts of budgets to spend on moments you will actually make money.

Advertise, measure, improve, test, get clicks and conversions.
Sounds too good to be true? Get in touch with us or sign up for a free trial below (generic version).

*more platforms will be supported in the near future – tailor made feeds possible too

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Complex Technology – Easy Use

We’ve developed our own machine learning technology focusing on pay per click optimisation making it simple to use big data and self-learning algorithms.

  • Goal setting – optimize your results

  • Quick set up  – with advanced options

  • Fast results – depending on account volume  in days

Difficult account?
No problem! We will help you with setting it up and making sure you’re kickstarted and trained on the job. And we’re always available for support.

Advertising – done by you!

We developed AdScale-E-commerce because it is getting increasingly difficult to properly manage an Google Ads or other paid media account. It’s taking a lot of time and knowledge to do it right and most likely you have better things to do. So you might consider or already be using an agency but with AdScale E-commerce you will be in charge. The tool will be connected to your shop, automatically analysed and ads are being set up with templates and adapted for all connected media (like Google, Shopping, Facebook etc.). Once set up it will run on its own, optimised by Artificial Intelligence.

Complex Technology – easy to use. Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning in this case) combined with automation (feed + adcentre) will give you the best result. You don’t need to be a mechanic to drive a car – why should you be an advertising specialist to run ads for your shop? No need for that and no need for an agency too.

A quick connection to your webshop, computerised analysis and completely automated set up will get you online in notime. Ads will be adjusted autonomously per platform; so different for Google Ads, Shopping, Bing, Facebook and Instagram. The budget is automatically optimised per medium, at campaign level! All done by AdScale E-commerce and you.

Advertise with AdScale: Better, Cheaper, Faster
Advertising – done by you!


Only advertising when it's useful

Save money

We use Artificial Intelligence to determine the times and spots when advertising makes sense.


We adjust bids 24/7 automatically

Never guess

Do you know exactly high the max CPC should be? We do! Predicted 4 times a day and adjusted when needed.


Google, Facebook, Instagram?

AdScale calculates

We don’t put all our eggs in one basket. We analyse, predict and divide. (every 30 minutes).


Get rid of your agency

Advertising done by you

Our Machine Learning is better, faster and smarter than any agency. And a lot cheaper too!

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Get more result + 30%
Save time and resources + 80%

So, what are you waiting for?