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Take Control of Your Budget yourself – a Solution to the 2x Budget Issue



Last year Google Ads announced OVERDELIVERY (or the 2x Budget Issue) which caused a great deal of confusion for Google Ads managers. Despite Google Ads’s attempt at clarifying the change, many questions remained.
What happens if new campaigns are opened in the middle of the month? And what about campaigns scheduled to run on certain days of the week – will the monthly charging limit be adjusted accordingly?

We’re well aware that even with more traffic and increased ad spend on specific days, this will not guarantee a higher rate of conversion. As a matter of fact: there is often a big difference between the peak impressions, clicks and the optimal conversions time as is shown in below graphs:

Based on impressions, the most budget will be spent on Monday (and Sunday and Tuesday). However, the number of clicks will target on Sunday; they are obviously better:

But what is most important is the number of conversions (in this case) and they show an unexpected pattern: the highest impressions do not guarantee the maximum conversions.

So, a day with less than average impressions actually delivers the best number of conversions. Surprising?

How to solve this?
Finding the right budget distribution is not an easy task. Its a combination of finding the most efficient conversions per time slot and predicting the optimal conversion (based on CPC and the average number of clicks per conversion.

And to add a problem to the equation: you should do this per campaign; one campaign might be best on a day, and another one the next day.

So you better calculate a budget for every day of the month in advance based on historical data and adjust it dynamically on recent performance trends. This way you will know exactly how much your ad spend is for each day of the month. And if you can do the same per hours of the day…. So instead of Google Ads decides who gets the budget (and the conversions) you better stay in charge yourself.

(we found a way to do that: see for yourself with a 30-day free trial!)